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Breed:Redbone Coonhound
Name:Dixie Red
Born:June 2003
Home:New Lebanon, NY
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Dixie is purple ribbon and comes from a long line of champions, however she is being raised as a VERY spoiled house pet and she loves every minute of it !!! She has a very big heart and gentle spirit unless you leave her alone in the house..LOL...She is still 100% puppy and we give her plenty of room to play ....She goes for daily rides to see her other doggy friends and is given doggy treats at evry turn ....She's definatly more than a hand-full at times and we wouldn't have it any other way ....She sleeps in our bed since the day she entered our house and now we find ourselves waking up at night sleeping on a dime while she sprawls out ...Itza dog's world