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Submitting Photographs to Canine Gallery (Step 1)

Canine Gallery would like to thank you for your interest in submitting photographs. Before we get started there is some legal business that we must get out of the way. Please read the following statements and choose "Accept" if you agree to the terms. If you do not agree to the terms then you will not be able to submit your photographs for viewing on Canine Gallery.

  • All material submitted becomes the property of Canine Gallery and all copyrights are assigned to us. This is to protect us and prevent others from reusing your work. You do, however, retain the rights to your material for your own use.

  • At Canine Gallery we strive to maintain an attractive website with quality material. We reserve the right to reject any material submitted if it is not considered appropriate and up to our quality standards.

  • Images should contain no special effects such as fancy borders, silhouettes, blacked-out backgrounds, etc. It is too difficult to maintain a consistent look to the website if the images contain such affects. Any image containing such effects will be rejected.

  • Images should contain no added text. All images with added text will be rejected.

  • We cannot post images that contain recognizable people. This is to protect both the submitter and Canine Gallery from any legal implications. Besides this site is for posting images of dogs.

  • We would like for the size of all photographs to be either 300x400 or 400x300 pixels. If you submit photographs of a different size, we reserve the right to either resize/crop the submitted photograph or reject it if it is not resizable.

  • When you submit your photographs, you will be asked for your email address. This is strictly so we can communicate with you regarding your submission. Canine Gallery will not distribute this email address in any form.