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This site is dedicated to showing off our pets we love so much. Please feel free to browse our library of wonderful Canine images.

If you are interested in posting images of your pet, there is no charge. Simply click on the "Submit Photos" link above.

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About Canine Gallery
Canine Gallery is a free website that allows dog lovers from all over the world to show off pictures of their pets. The site is organized by breed. Any individual can upload any number of pictures of their favorite pet. The intent of this web site is to provide a free library of photographs of our wonderful canine friends.

Why I Created Canine Gallery
As you can tell this website is clearly not for profit. There are no charges for viewing or uploading pictures of your pets. About two years ago, my family purchased a new Chihuahua puppy named Lucy. When my wife wanted a Chihuahua, I was admittedly somewhat skeptical. We already had two dogs, a Pomeranian and a Labrador Retriever. We purchased Lucy from a local breeder that happened to live in our neighborhood. From the very first day, this little dog changed our lives. Her loyal behavior and playful charm was a welcomed addition to our family of two adults, two grown children, and two dogs. Since Lucy came to us, we have been dog fanatics. We have also acquired another lovable Chihuahua named Lila. If you know about the Peanuts gang, you know where these names come from. We have a Lila, Lucy, Sally, and Peanut.

The Real Motivation
Recently, we came across a web site that allowed people to submit pictures of their dogs and other pets to be chosen in a daily contest. Excitedly, we submitted pictures of our pets. We fully expected to be chosen. We weren't. Then it dawned on me...everyone should be able to show off their pets. So, I created Canine Gallery. I hope you will like it and will upload many pictures of your dogs. By the way, Lucy has been chosen as the spokesdog for this site, that is her in the banner above.